Thursday, November 5, 2009

Writing a Feature Article

So you want to be a writer? And you want your reader to "like" you? Well, fat chance there... There will always be SOMEONE who doesn't like you. I know, hard to believe. Anyway. So how do you make a feature article newsworthy, appealing to your audience, and just plain AWESOME? Here are the four steps, I would take:

1) Define FEATURE article: When you learn how to write a feature article, you are introduced to several steps that will lead you in the direction of a well rounded piece that is enjoyable for your audience to read. A feature expands on the facts. It can interpret the news or add some depth to the story. It can entertain or educate the audience as well..

2) Know your audience and publication: This one is probably one of the hardest to nail down. It's hard to say who is going to be reading your article. However, you can know your audience, based on the content of the article and the type of publication. (i.e.) Generally speaking, a local newspaper is generally read by the local community. And if you're writing for your local community, you would have a better grasp on the type of content appealing to those in your community. So, write based on the audience and the publication.

3) Controversy Sells: The best titles are both informative and intriguing. Essentially, this is your headline and it should be designed to engage the reader to make a purchase or other commitment to read the story. Do not copy another author's title, but learn how they made you want to read the article. If you are a golfer, the title "Why Your Sand Wedge Isn't Just For The Bunker" may drive you to learn more about this assertion.
And we all know controversy sells, right now! Think about the top headlines in the news, right now. I guarantee the majority of them contain some sort of controversy.

4) Keep your reader engaged: Despite a great topic and headline, your efforts may still fall flat unless your language sparkles. Humor and controversial points of view keep readers engaged and coming back for more. And if the readers want more, you can be sure their publishers will keep you at the top of their lists next time they receive your call or query letter.

Writing a feature article is challenging, but can be fun and rewarding! Follow the steps above, and you'll have a fantastic start to a winning feature article!


  1. so I love your blog! this is so well thought out! is this your first time blogging?

  2. No, no, no. I've been blogging for many years! I love it! :) It's an addiction and so much fun!